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Committee/Class Reps

CPSA Committee 2018/19

ChairsSimone Hookey and Hester Kan
TreasurersRichard Wilson
TrusteesAmy Ward and Ruth Rosewell

CPSA AGM Presentations and Minutes

2020 Minutes CPSA – AGM 2020

2019 Minutes CPSA – AGM 2019

2019 Presentation CPSA – AGM Jan 2019

2017 Presentation CPSA – AGM Jan 2017

2016 Presentation CPSA-AGM Jan 2016

2015  Presentation  CPSA-AGM Feb 2015

2015 Minutes CPSA-AGM-Minutes

2014 Minutes CPSA_AGM_2014

2014 Presentation CPSA_January_2014_AGM

Event Commitee Members:

Gareth Eighteen – Party DJ

Lizz Ryan – Panto Tickets

Tasha Kingham – Rave4School

Ben Chambers – Fun Run

Kajsa Lee – Bake Sales

Sarah Chambers – Bake Sales

Vanessa Harbutt – Uniform Sales

Katie Rupicz – Bag2school

Chris Lill – Bag2school

Heather Marshall – Quiz Night

Pamela Durrant – School Disco

Melvyn Hayden – Football Tickets

Lucie Lawrence – Banking / Floats / Secrets

Kate West – Secrets Room

Helen Perry – Secrets Room

CPSA Committee Meeting Minutes

March 2017 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 7th March 2017

January 2017 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 11th January 2017

November 2016 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 9th November 2016

October 2016 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 5th October 2016

April 2016 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 13th April 2016

March 2016 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 2nd March 2016

January 2016 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 13th January 2016

November 2015 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 4th November 2015

September 2015 Minutes for CPSA Meeting 16th September 2015

June 2015 Minutes-for-CPSA-meeting-17-June-2015

May 2015 CPSA-committee-meeting-minutes-6-5-15

March 2015 Minutes-for-CPSA-meeting-25-March-2015

CPSA Constitution

Class Reps 2018/19

Rec. DucksHema Malladi and Lan Murdock
Rec. DovesRacheal Parker and Astrid Marker
1 SwallowsJelena Silva and Simone Hookey
1 Skylarks Kajsa Lundberg, Pamela Durrant and Anna Wolleb
2 Red Kites Sarah Chambers and Leia Burgess
2 RobinsTori Lloyd and Julia Yeo
3 Ash Hester Kan, Pamela Durrant and Caroline Prodger
3 Alder Emily Buckingham and Honesty Sumner
4 Birch Nicola Hunt and Vanessa Harbutt
4 Beech Amy Ward and Rosie Jarvie
5 Hazel Louise Roberts and Louise Scott
5 Holly Emma Rogers and Rachel Ross
6 Sycamore  Jo Morris and Ravinder Johal
6 Spruce  Helen Porter and Kate West