Eco Council


Caversham Primary School


1. Turn off smart boards, TV’s and computers when not in use.

2. Think before you switch!  Do we need the lights on today?

3. Walk to school if and when you can.

4. Recycle paper in appropriate bin in the classroom.

5. Use less foil/plastic in lunch boxes.  Ideally none!


The Eco Council is responsible for making sure we save energy and promoting sustainability.

They go round classrooms to reward those teachers who, where possible have turned off their lights, I.W.B. They also have the responsibility of ensuring they or their teacher turns off lights etc. everytime their class leaves the classroom. Weekly meter readings will be taken by Yr 5’s and the school’s energy consumption plotted.

We are also going to be liaising with our fellow eco councils in local schools to share what we are doing and implement any good practise we see.

And of course there is the allotment, our school environment……so we are going to be very busy.

Know your 2019 Eco rep!

0Doves and Ducks : Ava and Yilin

1Skylarks and Swallows : Sofia and Phoebe

2Red Kites and Robins : Benjamin

3Ash and Alder : Emily and Jack

4Birch, Beech : Effie and Lottie

5Holly and Hazel : Edward and George

6Spruce, Sycamore and Silverthorn : Carys and Charlotte